Monday, August 16, 2010

"You Pick The Best Shot" Semi-Annual Contest

We picked some of our favorite wedding photos out of thousands for the first Abella Studios’ Semi-Annual "You Pick The Best Shot" Photo Contest! The contest will run from August 16, 2010 to September 15, 2010. The couple whose photo gets the most likes/comments on Facebook will be Our Big Winner and will receive an Abella Studios $300 portrait reprint credit!

So, if your photo is one of the entries, be sure to let everyone know to vote ("like" or comment) for YOUR photo and don’t forget to do it yourself. Please, no more than one vote / comment per day per person. Good luck and let the voting begin!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anthony & Juliana - Twins - Baby Pictures - NJ Portraits by

Marianna and Jimmy had their babies July 6, 2010 at St Barnabas Hospital in Livingston. The twins were born at 34 1/2 Weeks. Their names are Anthony Francesco and Juliana Francesca. Anthony is named after his Grandfather and Francesco is after his Great Grandfather. Juliana's middle name is Francesca after her Aunt. They did quite well in the hospital being preemies. Little Anthony needed a little oxygen and was on a feeding tube for a few days and Juliana was eating through a bottle and needed no oxygen. Marianna and Jimmy couldn't be happier having twins. It was a difficult road for Marianna to get pregnant and with a little help they were blessed with not one but two beautiful children. Congratulations guys! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tara's & Jose's NJ Wedding SDE - The Lakeside Manor, Hazlet by - NJ Wedding Photography and Videography

This Same Day Edit (SDE) was created for Tara & Jose on their Wedding Day. Two Abella Studios' videographers captured the day's events from the preparations through the first dance and then this edit was created and presented to the couple and their guests during the Reception. Take a look...We'd love your feedback...Enjoy...Abella Studios - - 973-575-6633. (NJ Wedding Photography & NJ Wedding Videography).